About Me

About me

Copeland is a hotel & lifestyle expert with over 25 years of experience in the hospitality & tourism business. Her passion for hotels & lifestyle products along with unparalled expertise led her to establish Copeland Hospitality, a firm specializing in creative tailor-made solutions and bespoke services of uncompromising quality to the hospitality, tourism, hotel & lifestyle industries.

Ronit Copeland holds a BA Hons in Business Administration from Clark University (MA, USA) and an MBA postgraduate degree in Marketing & Finance from the Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel). Prior to setting up Copeland Hospitality, Ronit held senior positions in global hotel chains such as Hyatt, Starwood, Hilton and Marriott as well as the Vice President of marketing & sales of Tamares Spa Hotels Group. She is proficient in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

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About the company

Founded by Ronit Copeland in 2010, Copeland Hospitality is a unique hospitality consulting firm commited to delivering distinct avant-garde ideas and solutions for hotels, spas and lifestyle products. Copeland Hospitality is at the forefront of emerging trends in the hospitality & tourism industries, delivering clients the highest standards of consultancy & valuation services intersected with practical market-driven expertise.

Copeland Hospitality is an international hospitality & leisure consulting firm specializing in developing and establishing hotels in all scales, spas, resorts, tourism projects, events & conference centers both in Israel and abroad. We offer an extensive network of international connections along with solid knowledge and international experience in Strategic Marketing, Concept Building, hotel & spa development and openings.

Our main office is situated in the heart of Tel Aviv, on the trendy Rothschild Avenue with a subsidiary office in Miami, Florida.

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