The Norman

The Norman is a 50-room luxury hotel in the central of Tel Aviv.The beautiful Bauhaus-style architectural buildings have been painstakingly restored to retain the buildings’


Riverside is an A-category Resort Village located at the heart of the Jordan Park nature reserve. It has been designed to provide an ideal combination

Publica Herzliya

Publica introduced a new concept in the hotel industry as a 24/7 social work & play club within a sophisticated stylish Hotel. The concept of

Shenkin – Tel Aviv

Shenkin Hotel is a 30-room boutique hotel in Tel Aviv that owned and operated by locals. It is just steps away from the city’s vibrant

Bayit Bagalil

Bayit Bagalil is a Tuscan style boutique hotel and spa nestled in the heart of the Biriya Forest in the Galilee with 36 luxurious suites,

Indigo – Ramat Gan

Hotel Indigo is located in Tel Aviv’s sparkling Diamond District. They dazzle their guests in jewel-bright guest rooms with hand-crafted furniture and opulent interiors. Indigo’s

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